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What Is The Postcode For London?

London has various post codes. These post codes are issued alphabetically according to location at the sub district level. For example, the Eastern District Office is E1, Bethnal Green is E2, and Bow is E3 and so forth. The specific code for London Conley for example, is (51.716/-0.282) is AL2 1AB.
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What is the London Postcodes for Southampton?
Your question is ambiguous. In the UK, every group of around 10 residential addresses has its own post code. Large buildings like office blocks usually have their own code.  wiki.answers.com
What is the postcode of london?
The UK post code is a string of characters added to the address of every building in the country which are unique to that building or to a block of buildings or part of a street. It is much more precise than an American zip code - in fact it is so  answers.yahoo.com
What is the postcode?
it can be found here as well! like contact details! Alton Towers Contact Numbers - altontowerscontactnumber. co.uk.  www.quora.com
What is postcode?
A UK postcode covers around fourteen different addresses. Postcode polygons are areal units based not on enumeration districts or wards, but on aggregations of postcode divisions. Unit postcode boundaries are generated by the creation of Thiessen  www.answers.com
What is the postcode for abercrombie and fitch in london?
Abercrombie & Fitch 42 Savile Row, Westminster, London W1S 3QG T: 08444125750.  www.kgbanswers.co.uk
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