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What Is The Postcode For London?

London has various post codes. These post codes are issued alphabetically according to location at the sub district level. For example, the Eastern District Office is E1, Bethnal Green is E2, and Bow is E3 and so forth. The specific code for London Conley for example, is (51.716/-0.282) is AL2 1AB.
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What is the postcode of london?
its your mum Honestly, some people, like the above example, need to grow a pear, thinking they're so hard putting answers like that on a website like this, And to the retard who posted that, Your not hard, second of all, you may do things like that  wiki.answers.com
Why are there no NE or S postcodes in London?
NE postcodes are taken by Newcastle, and Southampton has the S postcodes. Navjit Dosanjh, Southall London postcodes are based on a complex history rather than geographical logic. So in inner London postcodes are based on the old system of London  www.guardian.co.uk
Why is there no NE postcode in London?
Ignore the previous answers - what absolute rubbish. The Postal District system in London pre-dates postcodes by almost a century. To simplfy addresses in London, the city and surrounding areas were divided into Postal Districts, each with a  answers.yahoo.com
What postcode of liverpool (london)?
liverpool would have LP postcode for instance and London, Sw, E, SE etc depending on the area......check the address/ area you need. Do you mean LIVERPOOL STREET in London?  uk.answers.yahoo.com
What is the postcode for the alexander palace in london?
Alexandra Palace, Alexandra Palace, The Grove, Alexandra Palace Way, London N22 7AY T:02083652121 Sunday 10:30-4:30 PM  www.kgbanswers.co.uk
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