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What Is Oil Based Paint

Oil based paints refers to paints which do not require water as a medium and they are prepared with a drying oil, like linseed, soya and paint thinner as the thinning component. They usually dry incredibly hard, but they take a long period to dry.
Popular Questions
What Kind of Paint Can You Use on a Oil Base Primer?
A host of different paints populate your local paint and home improvement stores; however, regardless of the brand, they all have one important fundamental distinction: they are either oil- or water-based. Water-based paints, such as latex and  www.ehow.com
What kind of paint is oil based?
Solvent-based paints are commonly referred to as oil-based paints.  www.chacha.com
How to Reduce Fumes From Oil-Based Paints.
1. Choose an oil-based paint that is labeled "low VOC. This means that the paint contains lower levels of volatile organic compounds than traditional oil-based paint. Low VOC paints still have a slight odor, but the harmful fumes are greatly reduced.  www.ehow.com
How to Paint Oil-Base Paint over Peeling Latex.
1. Use a scouring pad to knock off the loose, peeling paint. You don't need to dig into the surface, just give the surface a quick once-over with the scouring pad to remove loose bits. 2. Sand the latex paint with 150-grit sandpaper. This will help  www.ehow.com
How to Remove Oil-Based Paint from Hands.
1. Apply baby oil, mayonnaise or olive oil to the paint on your hands. As oil-based substances, these will help break down the oil-based paint and expedite the removal process. 2. Rub the baby oil, the mayonnaise or the olive oil in to the paint  www.ehow.com
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