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What Is Oil Based Paint

Oil based paints refers to paints which do not require water as a medium and they are prepared with a drying oil, like linseed, soya and paint thinner as the thinning component. They usually dry incredibly hard, but they take a long period to dry.
Popular Questions
How to Seal Oil-Based Paint With Polyurethane.
1. Make sure the surface is clean and dry. Polyurethane will seal in dirt, dust and pet hair and preserve it forever in the final finish. Determine if the oil-based color coat is worth keeping. If it is badly damaged or if you no longer have any of  www.ehow.com
What type of primer for a oil based paint?
You can use either oil or latex based primer under an oil based paint.  wiki.answers.com
What kind of paint is oil based?
Solvent-based paints are commonly referred to as oil-based paints.  www.chacha.com
How to Blend Oil and Water-Based Paint for Portraits.
1. Apply the acrylic paint to your canvas first. Use acrylic paints for broad brush strokes, giving a sense of the color of skin, hair and garments worn. 2. Allow the acrylic paint to dry completely. The oil paints will not adhere properly if the  www.ehow.com
How to Reduce Fumes From Oil-Based Paints.
1. Choose an oil-based paint that is labeled "low VOC. This means that the paint contains lower levels of volatile organic compounds than traditional oil-based paint. Low VOC paints still have a slight odor, but the harmful fumes are greatly reduced.  www.ehow.com
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