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What Is Oil Based Paint

Oil based paints refers to paints which do not require water as a medium and they are prepared with a drying oil, like linseed, soya and paint thinner as the thinning component. They usually dry incredibly hard, but they take a long period to dry.
Popular Questions
What Are the Dangers of Inhalation of Oil Based Paint Primer?
Inhalation. Since the base solvent in oil-based paint is mineral spirits, toluene, xylene or some other petroleum derivative, it should come as no surprise that breathing in fumes from this kind of paint is not entirely safe. Symptoms to watch for  www.ehow.com
What kind of paint is oil based?
Solvent-based paints are commonly referred to as oil-based paints.  www.chacha.com
What Is the Difference Between Water-Based & Oil-Based Driveway Sealers?
Composition. Water-based sealers are either coal-tar emulsions or asphalt emulsions. An asphalt emulsion is simply asphalt suspended in water. Coal-tar emulsions are a bit more complicated and a byproduct of the steel industry. Also suspended in  www.ehow.com
What type of paint do you use to paint a wall mural on oil base paint?
you use a very bright orange color then take this really dark green.but you only use Eee PC series paint.  wiki.answers.com
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