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What Is Mot Type 1 Stone?

MOT Type 1 is a limestone granular sub-base which was initially developed as a base layer for our tarmac roads. Its use then transgressed to the main base for pave drive and trident block paving. MOT Type 1 is today a really versatile material widely used as an affordable base for a wide range of surfaces.
Popular Questions
How much Type 1 stone will fill what area?
Type 1 is a reference to a specification for crushed stone fill used in civil engineering. Without going into detail (and you don't need to) the phrase Type 1 is used by aggregate suppliers to describe a graded aggregate containing crushed fragments  wiki.answers.com
how did the exact same type of hard stone become bisected with a soft perfectly uniform 1/2 inch thick layer of gray material?
Darrell: It is possible that this is all one rock, all the same all the way through and that the exposure the outside parts have recieved to the elements have made it harder. It is equally possible that the middle part is some sort of intrusion that  en.allexperts.com
Where can I get cheap MOT Type 1 in essex - DIYnot.com - DIY and Home Improvement
Hey mods! MOT type 1 is sub-base stone you muppets! Move this post to the building section pronto!  www.diynot.com
What type of fish can i keep in a 1 gallon tank with just a bubble stone?
There is a variety of fish you can keep with just an air stone. As long as you keep on top of your water changes your water wont get to dirty. Here are some fish that are colourful. -Guppies -Mollies -swordtails -Platties -Tetras Those are some of  answers.yahoo.com
When using type 1 stone,how do u convert m3 to tonne.
Type 1 stone has a density of around 2.4 tonnes per cubic metre. Multiply the number of cubic metres by 2.4 to find your answer in tonnes. report this answer. Updated on Friday, February 03 2012 at 08:36PM GMT. Source: forum.onlineconversion.com/.  www.kgbanswers.co.uk
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