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What Is A 926 Silver Mark

A 926 silver mark on silver denotes the amount of silver in jewellery. It means sterling silver has 926 parts in 1000 as the standard of fineness. The hall marking act was introduced to Britain in 1973 and made Britain a member of Vienna Convention.
Popular Questions
What Are the Different Maker's Marks on Sterling Silver?
Early silversmiths acted as bankers as well as tradesmen. These skilled artisans made wares such as jewelry, decorative metal work, candlesticks, teapots, hollowware, flatware, tankards and much more. In 1369, the crown ruled that all silversmiths  www.ehow.com
What is A-Mark Liberty Silver?
It is 1 ounce silver round (not a coin) made by A-Mark.  wiki.answers.com
What is the value of a 1887 cc mint mark silver dollar?
Please look at the coin again. No 1887 Morgans exist with CC mintmarks.  wiki.answers.com
What is the mint mark below the liberty head on the 1925 silver peace dollar?
It's not a mint mark. It's the monogram of Anthony D. Francisci, the coin's designer. The only mint marks are D and S, and they'd be on the back near the word ONE. No mint mark = Philadelphia, of course.  wiki.answers.com
What is the difference between the s mint mark and the w on the silver eagles?
The "S" mint mark represents the mint at San Francisco, California. The "W" mint mark represents the the US Mint at West Point, New York. 1995 was the only year these coins were minted at West Point and only 30,125 were struck, all proofs, making  wiki.answers.com
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