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Why Is My Toilet So Hard To Flush?

A toilet that is hard to flush can be fixed by replacing the flash valve. This makes the toilets lever easy to activate.
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Why Won't My Toilet Finish Flushing?
Pressing the handle on a flush toilet lifts a rubber ball flap that seals the bottom of the tank and lets the stored water rush from the tank into the bowl. The extra water overcomes the resistance of water stored in the S-trap below the toilet, and  www.ehow.com
Why isn't my toilet flushing?
If your toilet isn't flushing when you push pull or flip the flusher there are the causes. Check your water shutoff valve. Open the reservoir lid and see that the chain is attached to the float stopper and flush lever. Make sure water exists in the  wiki.answers.com
Why does my toilet flush for so long?
If this is a recent development, a plumber is needed. Unless you want to learn how to change out the guts in the tank. Learning this is not hard, but you would need to invest the time. If this has always been the case, you have too much water in the  answers.yahoo.com

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