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Why Is My Toilet So Hard To Flush?

A toilet that is hard to flush can be fixed by replacing the flash valve. This makes the toilets lever easy to activate.
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Why Does My Toilet Gurgle When Flushed?
Each plumbing device in your house has a drain pipe to carry waste water away from the device. These drain pipes connect to vent pipes, which ventilate the waste-plumbing system in your house. You will see the vent pipes coming out of the roof of  www.ehow.com
Why does my toilet flush twice?
Your water level is set to high in the tank or you have the wrong flapper installed.  wiki.answers.com
Why is my toilet flush so wimpy?
The bulb that acts like a stopper prematurely goes down and not letting all the water drain out. Adjusting the flush arm so its weight does not engage the bulb to come down before all the water has drained is needed.  answers.yahoo.com

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