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Why Is My Toilet So Hard To Flush?

A toilet that is hard to flush can be fixed by replacing the flash valve. This makes the toilets lever easy to activate.
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What is wrong with a toilet handle that is hard to push down to flush?
Linkage going to flapper is sticking or needs adjusted. Nut holding flush handle to tank may need tightened or replaced. Pressure assisted toilet needs more force on handle to flush.  wiki.answers.com
How hard is it to flush the toilet?
First of all, what the heck happened to that so called lesson called HYGENIE??? I mean seriously people, when a someone walks in a stall to do their stuff do you know how FREAKING irritating it is to find someone's elses bussiness STILL in the toilet  answers.yahoo.com
When a knob on a toilet is hard to flush how do you fix it?
Probably the flush valve and handle are not joined togethe...  www.chacha.com

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