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Why Is It Important To Maintain Confidentiality?

It is important to maintain confidentiality because a breach of confidentiality can be very upsetting. It can weaken the trust between a professional and a client. If there has been a breach of confidentiality it is important to determine if and why a disclosure was made. Firstly you should obtain a copy of the guidelines on confidentiality used by the organisation. You may wish to ask the person who breached your confidentiality under what grounds they did this. An advocate should be able to help you do this.
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Why is it important to maintain client confidentiality?
Because it keeps the trust between doctor and patient once broken the patient might start to withheld information which could be important but they fear it getting spread further the patient room.  wiki.answers.com
Why Is Employee Confidentiality Important?
Unauthorized leaks of confidential information can destroy a company's competitive edge and its reputation, as well as expose its owners to serious financial and legal harm. A survey of 1,400 intelligence technology professionals posted on the  www.ehow.com
Why is it important to maintain customer confidentiality?
A business should want to retain its costumers, so its important that things aren't done to run them away or for them to give a bad review. Companies shouldn't sell its costumers personal information especially if the costumer has not agreed to it  uk.answers.yahoo.com
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