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Why Is It Important To Maintain Confidentiality?

It is important to maintain confidentiality because a breach of confidentiality can be very upsetting. It can weaken the trust between a professional and a client. If there has been a breach of confidentiality it is important to determine if and why a disclosure was made. Firstly you should obtain a copy of the guidelines on confidentiality used by the organisation. You may wish to ask the person who breached your confidentiality under what grounds they did this. An advocate should be able to help you do this.
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What is the importance of maintaining confidentiality in the workplace?
The importance of maintaining security and confidentuality in the work place is that if somone was to breach confidentualtiy it would be extreamly bad for their career and also their organisations reputation. Also maintaining security is important  wiki.answers.com
How to Maintain Customer Confidentiality.
1. Encrypt any personal information that consumers give to your company over the internet. You can do this by installing a Transport Layer Security (TLS) or a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) in your website. TLS and SSL protocols identify your website from  www.ehow.com
How to Maintain Confidentiality in Counseling.
1. Explain informed consent and confidentiality to the client. Informed consent involves the counselor explaining the benefits and risks of counseling as well as its alternatives. It also allows the counselor permission to record counseling sessions  www.wikihow.com
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