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Why Do Slugs Come Into The House?

Slugs come inside the house during the cold season so as to get warmth. They get in through drain pipes holes outside the house or gaps on solid concrete floor and gaps under doors.
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How to Keep Slugs From Coming Into My House.
1. Change your mulch. If you have mulch around the outside of your home, you are providing the slugs with an ideal habitat. Rake up all of the old mulch and either throw it away or use it for compost. Apply a fresh layer of mulch to the same areas.  www.ehow.com
Why do slugs come out when it rains?
Because they like moist areas and so they can keep being slimy and if they don't get water they will dry out.  wiki.answers.com
Why do i have slugs in my house what do they come in for?
Slugs are very attracted to the smell of fermentation. Beer can be used to lure them. Do you have a lot of beer cans laying around your house?  answers.yahoo.com

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