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Why Do Bruises Appear For No Reason?

Bruising for no reason is could occur due to a bump you don’t remember getting. This true if you have been taking medications that adjust the activity of blood components which play an important role in blood clotting. More »
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What can be the cause of bruises that appear for no reason?
There are various medical causes for bruising without a physical reason. Because of this you will need to see your Doctor for a blood test. Medication can also cause unexplained bruising.  wiki.answers.com
Why is it that my skin just appear to be bruised for no reason?
there was this one guy who was really healthy and stuff.. then one day he kicked a soccer ball and the next day his whole entire leg was bruised.. turns out he had blood cancer and had to get a blood transfution everyday.. hes fine now and doing good  answers.yahoo.com
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