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Why Do Bruises Appear For No Reason?

Bruising for no reason is could occur due to a bump you don’t remember getting. This true if you have been taking medications that adjust the activity of blood components which play an important role in blood clotting. More »
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Why do I Bruise?
Sometimes called a contusion, bruises are areas that have been damaged causing the capillaries to leak blood into the surrounding space. Usually caused by blunt trauma, bruises are often painful or tender while they are healing.  www.ask.com
What causes veins to appear close to surface. why do bruise marks appear for unkown reasons?
veins close too the surface are called. Superficial vein's, Superficial vein is a term used to describe a vein that is close to the surface of the body. It is used to differentiate veins that are close to the surface from veins that are far from the  wiki.answers.com
Why Do Apples Get Bruised?
Mere minutes after peeling an apple, the apple begins to change colors. The density of the apple's skin is the apple's primary defense against bruising. Once the skin is initially damaged or broken, the apple becomes more susceptible to bruising,  www.ehow.com
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