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Why did the usa not join the league of nations?

The United States never joined the League of Nations as a result of the decision by the US Congress not to ratify the Versailles Treaty. This refusal to join the league also fitted in with America's desire to have an isolationist policy throughout the world.
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What would happen if the USA did not join the League of Nations?
The USA was never was a member of the League of Nations, so to answer your question nothing differnt would have happened because they never joined.  wiki.answers.com
Why did the USA not to join the League of Nations?
The U.S. before World War 1, and immediately after did not want to be involved in European problems. Many still felt we could be isolated from the problems of the world, so they did not want to join a union of foreign governments.  answers.yahoo.com
What would have happened if USA joined the League Of Nations?
The Brits and frog did all they could to limit Germany power in the league of Nations that was one of the reasons the U S pulled out of the League of Nations The Brits wanted to punish Germany after WW 1 after WW2 the U S were in complete control and  uk.answers.yahoo.com
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