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Why Are My Tomatoes Turning Black?

Your tomatoes could be turning black due to an infection known as blossom end rot, normally caused by insufficient calcium. Irregular watering and a fluctuation in water levels in the soil could lower its calcium content. More »
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What Causes Tomato Plants to Wilt & Turn Black?
Early blight (Alternaria solani) causes irregular-shaped areas of black decay to occur on the tomato plant's foliage. The black areas usually have a border of yellow around them. Within the center of each diseased spot, the fungus produces spores  www.ehow.com
What causes tomatoes to turn black on the bottom?
It is called blossom end rot. It can be attributed to lack of calcium in the soil and irregular water availability.  wiki.answers.com
Why are my tomatoes turning black on the bottoms?
Blossom end rot can be identified by a discoloration, which looks water-soaked, or a black spot on the bottoms of tomatoes. It can also appear on peppers and eggplant. The good news is that it's not a disease, but rather the result of a calcium  containergardening.about.com

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