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Why Are My Pumpkin Plant Leaves Turning Yellow?

Pumpkin leaves could be yellow because of nitrogen deficiency, pests or diseases. More »
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Why Are My Leaves Turning Yellow on My Plant?
Although water is essential for growth and maintenance, plants are sensitive to the amounts they need. Over-watering causes root problems such as root rot, which manifests itself as yellowing plant foliage. The problem is exacerbated when the plant  www.ehow.com
Why are the leaves of my cucumber and pumpkin plant turning yellow then dieing?
If you have taken care of your plants very well, water then everyday, and yet this yellowing is happening, there are two possible reasons why your plants turn yellow. 1. Fertilizer, specially nitrogen. It will showed yellowing of the entire leaves,  answers.yahoo.com
Why do plants leaves turn yellow?
The chlorophyll molecules slowly dies as the temperature slowly lowers. Which causes other colours of the accessory and other pigments to become visible.  wiki.answers.com
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