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Why Are Fuels Useful?

Fuels are useful because when they burn, they produce the energy that is used to run most things. More »
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How is Hydrogen Fuel Used?
Electricity is the currently used form of motility for energy. It's this form of energy carrier that is used to power houses and business from power plants located all over the world. Power plants take the energy obtained from coal and uranium and  www.ehow.com
How to Keep Track of Fuel Use.
1. Fill up your car with gas. Ad. 2. Collect your receipt. 3. Before you leave the station, make sure the numbers match the pump and write your odometer mileage down on the receipt. 4. Keep the receipt safe. 1. Turn on your computer. 2. Type the  www.wikihow.com
What is the fuel used in aeroplanes?
Piston powered aircraft (small helicopters included) run off a high grade petrolium called AvGas. however all jet turbines (engines) ,run off very high grade Jet A1 fuel.which essentially is just treated kerosene fuel.  wiki.answers.com
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