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Why Are Fuels Useful?

Fuels are useful because when they burn, they produce the energy that is used to run most things. More »
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Where are Fossil Fuels Used?
Fossil fuel comes from decomposition of dead burried organisms. They are high in carbon's. Coal, oil, gas are forms of fossil fuel and generate huge amount of energy and are used in everyday life.  www.ask.com
Why Is Hydrogen Used as Fuel in Aircraft?
Hydrogen is the first atom on the table of elements. At room temperature it exists as a gas, and its nucleus contains only a single proton. Although it's the lightest element, it makes up for 75 percent of the elemental mass and 90 percent of the  www.ehow.com
Why does a satellite not use fuel?
Satellites generally do need both fuel and power. . Of course you need a lot of fuel (in the rocket) to get the satellite into orbit. . Once the satellite is in orbit it needs: Fuel: (typically chemical) to maintain the satellite in its correct orbit  www.quora.com
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