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Who sang dont cry for me argentina?

The song “Don't cry for me Argentina” has been redone four times by four different singers. First it was done by Julie Covington in 1977. Then the cover version was done by Olivia Newton-John in 1977/1980. The third version was done by Shadows in 1979 and the later latest version was done by Madonna in 1996.
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Who is the first singer sang that Don't cry for me Argentina?
Julie Covington first had a hit with it back in 1976.  wiki.answers.com
Who sang Don't cry for me Argentina?
loads of people have done it, but from the rock follies it was Julie Covington. then Elaine paige did it and Madonna recently...see the link she did the original and it was re-relesed in 1978 when it got to number one Source(s):  uk.answers.yahoo.com
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