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Who Is Next Of Kin Legally?

There is no legal definition of the term 'next of kin'. However, your blood relatives or life partner is mostly the one recognised as your next of kin. More »
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Who is your next of kin legally?
"Next of kin" is not a legal term, but it refers to your closest relative. If you are married, your spouse is your next of kin. If you are divorced or your spouse is dead, your children are your next of kin, then your siblings and parents.  wiki.answers.com
Who is the legal next of kin.?
The parents would be the legal next-of-kin. I presume your son has been visiting his father during his illness so that he at least has some connection and memories before death occurs. Unless you are willing to pay for an extra service in WI, the  en.allexperts.com
How to Determine Legal Next Of Kin In Mortuary Law.
1. Read the portion of the will or testament that describes how the person wishes to be disposed of. This will let you know who they wish to have the right of disposition in most cases. Normally this is the spouse if the persons were living in normal  www.ehow.com
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