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Where can i check my premium bond numbers?

You can check your premium bond numbers from NS&I where they offer a�range of savings and investments�to suit different people�s needs. Theses services are available online.
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How to Check Premium Bonds.
1. Understand that a premium bond is a bond whose coupon exceeds the general level of interest rate. Thus, a par bond represents the general level of interest rates, a discount bond reflects a below market level. As a result, the premium bond has  www.ehow.com
Where can one check Premium Bonds online?
Premium Bonds are lottery bonds issued in the United Kingdom where the bondholders are paid dividends via a random, monthly drawing. Recent winners of the Premium Bond Lottery appear on the National Savings and Investment Agency's website and past  wiki.answers.com
Where can i check premium bond numbers?
You can check on line but you do need your holders number. http://www.nsandi.com/.  answers.yahoo.com
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