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When is my mot due?

if you have your current certificate and vehicle V5C logbook , though an MOT Certificate is valid for 12 months (You can confirm the due date of your MOT by using the MOT Computerisation Web Site) .
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When is my MOT due?
On the anniversary of its first registeration in 2009  answers.yahoo.com
when is my MOT due?
What country are you in? If you are in England, Scotland or Wales, the MOT is due on or before the third anniversary of the true first registration (i.e. November 2007). However, the "first registration in the UK" suggests you are in Northern  uk.answers.yahoo.com
When is the first mot due on a car in Northern Ireland if it is registered in Northern Ireland?
If its a brand new car it should be four years, if it is after the initial 4 years then every year, check your mot certificate and it will tell you when it expires.  wiki.answers.com

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