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What was joseph lister famous for?

Joseph Lister was famous as a British surgeon who promoted the idea of sterile surgery while working at the Glasgow Infirmary. He came from a prosperous Quaker home in Upton, Essex. He is one of the pioneers of surgery and left a big contribution to the profession.
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Why is Joseph Lister famous?
Joseph Lister was a surgin who reduced the mortality rate of amputations from over 40% down to 5% by introducing asepsis to surgery. He also invented the use of catgut surtures (stitches) which could be sterilised before use and are absorbed by the  wiki.answers.com
Who was Joseph Lister?
Joseph Lister was a surgeon from Britain who specialized in the inflammation of wounds at Glasgow. Born April 5, 1827, he studied at University College in London.  answers.ask.com
What is Joseph Lister famous for ?
Joseph Lister (1827-1912) was a famous British surgeon (Glasgow R.I.) who promoted the idea of sterile surgery. He is considered 'father of antiseptics'.  www.kgbanswers.co.uk
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