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What was joseph lister famous for?

Joseph Lister was famous as a British surgeon who promoted the idea of sterile surgery while working at the Glasgow Infirmary. He came from a prosperous Quaker home in Upton, Essex. He is one of the pioneers of surgery and left a big contribution to the profession.
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What is Joseph Lister famous for?
He was a doctor. He invented the antiseptic carbolic acid (phenol) in water and advocated the role of cleanliness in medical procedures. Later a much diluted form of his antiseptic was sold to the public as "Listerine"  wiki.answers.com
What did Joseph Lister discover?
Joseph Lister discovered antiseptics in 1865 and greatly reduced the number of  www.chacha.com
What contribution did Joseph Lister make to medicine?
he introduced the concept of micro-organisms like bacteria causing infections. sterilize techniques in surgery were a direct result of his ideas, which produced lower complication rates.  answers.yahoo.com
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