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What To Say As Mistress Of Ceremony?

There are comments associated with this question. Introduce yourself as the mistress (or master) of ceremonies and introduce everyone at the head table. Announce the serving of dinner. Call upon each person, one at a time to say their speeches (you may say one as well). Announce the cutting of the cake. Announce that the couple will be having their first dance as husband and wife. Let the guests know when the bouquet will be tossed. When the bride and groom are ready to leave, notify the guests so they can say their good-byes.
Popular Questions
What do a mistress of ceremony do at a funeral?
The Mistress or Master of Ceremonies is responsible for keeping an event on track. They shuttle the visitors from one segment of the itenerary or schedule to the next by introducing the next piece. In the case of a funeral, they would inform guests  wiki.answers.com
What does historian say in FFA opening ceremonies?
The Historian stationed at the scrolls, during the opening  www.chacha.com
What does being a mistress of ceremonies at a wedding really include?
I am a DJ and MC, Most of the MC duties involve making announcements, including: A welcoming. introducing the bridal party into the room. Introducing each person before they speak/make toasts/blessing (having a snippet or two os their relationship to  answers.yahoo.com
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