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What time is sunset tonight?

Sunset time varies according to your location and season.
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What time is sunset tonight?
The time of sunrise and sunset is very dependent on the precise location and the date in question. Please re-post your question with the date and the city name or ZIP code. You can calculate the time of sunrise and sunset easily by visiting the  wiki.answers.com
What times the sunset tonight?
In New Lexington, the sun rose at 6:40 AM will set at 8:26 PM. The moon will rise at 12...  www.chacha.com
What time will sunset be on April 23 in Detroit MI?
U.S. Naval Observatory. Astronomical Applications Department. Sun and Moon Data for One Day. The following information is provided for Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan (longitude W83.1, latitude N42.4) Saturday. 23 April 2011 Eastern Daylight Time.  wiki.answers.com
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