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What special events happened during queen victoria's reign?

There were numerous special events that happened during Queen Victoria's reign. One of these events was the Irish potato famine which occurred as a result of crop failure in 1845. The others include the Crimean War of 1845 or 1856, the American Civil War of 1861 to 1865 and the Indian Mutiny of 1857.
Popular Questions
What special events happened during Queen Victoria's reign?
husband died 14th December 1861 and the crimean war.  wiki.answers.com
During Queen Victoria's reign, what important international political events occurred?
The American Civil War. http://departments.kings.edu/womens_hist….  answers.yahoo.com
What important moments happened during Queen Victoria's reign?
During Queen Victoria's reign there were to wars, the Boer and the Crimean. Also, the second and third Reform Acts were passed. The treaty of Berlin kept the British from entering yet another war and the people of India rebelled against british rule.  snippets.com
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