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What should a guest wear to a christening?

it all depends on what time the christening is,to find out what to wear at what time you can go to the following link.
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What a guest should wear to a christening?
When I have been to christenings in the past, I have found that it's best not to wear something too over the top, you're not dressing for a wedding, it's just a christening. Plus, you're only 15, you don't want to look like you're dressing too old  uk.answers.yahoo.com
What do guest wear to christenings?
Stop panicking any of the dresses would be fine but please just dont wear black. At 14 its a bit miserable to wear and usually its worn at funerals not christenings. Coral is a lovely colour, have you got a nice plain jacket you could wear over the  answers.yahoo.com
What Should a Guest Wear to a Wedding?
When going to a wedding always wear an attire that is appropriate. Ladies need to wear a nice dress with heels or flats. Men need to wear dress pants and preferably a tie.  answers.ask.com
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