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What should a guest wear to a christening?

it all depends on what time the christening is,to find out what to wear at what time you can go to the following link.
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What to wear to a christening?
This question has a rather subjective quality to it, and therefore may be subject to differing opinions on the subject. My answer also presumes the christening is within a Christian context, whether Catholic or Protestant. A "Christening" or  wiki.answers.com
How to Tastefully Tell Guests What Shoes They Should Wear to an Outside Wedding.
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What should I wear to Christening?
most people wear something smart but not over the top smart like you would wear to a wedding. some people will wear a suit others will wear jeans, some will wear a nice dress others will wear a skirt and blouse, others will wear jeans and a nice top.  answers.yahoo.com
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