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What shifts do police work?

Police officers are required to work shifts since the beginning of the police service in the mid 1800's. Police usually work 8 hours in shifts. The shifts can be 6 days of work and 2 days off or 6 days of work and 3 days off.
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What are the times for police for shift change?
There are no standard shift times adhered to nationwide - all departments and agencies set their own shift rotation schedules. Some work three 8-hour shifts in a 24 hour period - some work two 12-hour shifts - some work an overlapping 10-hour shift  wiki.answers.com
How does the police department handle weekend shifts?
Most police stations close the public-facing section of the station on the weekends, but of course not the "innards" of the station. All police officers continue their normal shifts; they don't differ on weekends. Dispatch are always on duty. These  www.quora.com
What are the shifts of the the Alturas Police?
Alturas Police Department is a 24 hour police department they are  www.chacha.com
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