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What shifts do police work?

Police officers are required to work shifts since the beginning of the police service in the mid 1800's. Police usually work 8 hours in shifts. The shifts can be 6 days of work and 2 days off or 6 days of work and 3 days off.
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What are the times for police for shift change?
There are no standard shift times adhered to nationwide - all departments and agencies set their own shift rotation schedules. Some work three 8-hour shifts in a 24 hour period - some work two 12-hour shifts - some work an overlapping 10-hour shift  wiki.answers.com
How does the police department handle weekend shifts?
Most police stations close the public-facing section of the station on the weekends, but of course not the "innards" of the station. All police officers continue their normal shifts; they don't differ on weekends. Dispatch are always on duty. These  www.quora.com
What shift patterns do police officers in other parts of the world work?
In the US most police departments split their personnel into 3 8-hour shifts, generally 7AM-3PM, 3-11 and 11-7 are something close to that. Increasingly popular with police is the 10 hour shift worked 4 days a week. The advantage to the departm  www.ask.com
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