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What musical instruments did mozart play?

Some of the musical instruments that Mozart played included; the violin, piano and the harpsichord. Born on 27th January 1756, he began playing the keyboard at the age of 3. Before his death on 5th Dec 1791, Mozart had written a number of astonishing beautiful music.
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What instruments did Mozart play?
Mozart could play the violin and keyboard instruments, which at the time would have been the harpsichord and the clavier, from the age of five. There is also evidence to suggest that Mozart could also play the organ, the viola, the trumpet and  wiki.answers.com
What type of classical music did Mozart play?
Mozart played and composed classical minuets, religious music, operas  www.chacha.com
What type of music did Mozart compose?
Among other things he wrote solo concertos, symphonies, and operas.  wiki.answers.com
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