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What letters can i put after my name?

Letters that one can put after his or her name depend on the course she has undertaken. According to the level of education, one can use simple abbreviations indicating whether he or she has taken a diploma or a degree. Sometime, the letters may be short form of the career or professionalism one has.
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How to Put Degrees After Names in Letters.
1. Use the degree after a person's name if his or her academic or professional distinctions are directly relevant to what you're discussing. Don't include the degree both before and after the individual's name or use undergraduate degrees. 2. Write  www.ehow.com
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The amount of stamps that you put on a letter is going to be based upon how much the letter weighs, and the size of the envelope that you're inserting the letter in. If the letter is not over 1 ounce, then you would need one 44 cent stamp.  answers.ask.com
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