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What is the purpose of legislation?

The purpose of legislation is to put a society in order by creating a safer and healthier society
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What is the purpose of the Legislative Branch?
The legislative branch enacts legislations. It takes proposed bills and votes on them. If the bill is passed in Congress, it then goes to the president (the executive branch) to check its power. If the president signs the bill it becomes a law, if he  wiki.answers.com
What is secular legislative purpose?
Having a secular legislative purpose, means its principal effect must be one  www.chacha.com
What is the Yearly Salary of a Legislator?
Legislators earn an annual average salary of $37,530, according to a May, 2009, survey by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) The median salary was $18,810. Salaries ranged from $14,830 or less for the lowest-paid 10 percent to $81,150 or more for  www.ehow.com

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