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What is the purpose of legislation?

The purpose of legislation is to put a society in order by creating a safer and healthier society
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What is the purpose of the Legislative Branch?
The legislative branch enacts legislations. It takes proposed bills and votes on them. If the bill is passed in Congress, it then goes to the president (the executive branch) to check its power. If the president signs the bill it becomes a law, if he  wiki.answers.com
What Are Legislative Powers?
Members of Congress have the power to introduce new bills to the Congress for legislation. While this is the exclusive role of the Legislative branch, some bills are introduced at the request of the President, like his annual budget for example. New  www.ehow.com
What's Wrong with Looking at Legislative Purpose?
For starters, according to Justice Scalia, the statutory language was not ambiguous, or at least not sufficiently ambiguous to permit the "land is water" approach of the Army Corps. But that's not an especially compelling point, given that even  writ.news.findlaw.com

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