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What is the penalty for forging a signature?

The penalty for forging a signature depends on the extent of the forgery. The higher the amount of money received graufulently, the higher the sentence.
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What are the penalties for forging a signature in a letter?
The penalties vary based on intent and result. Getting public housing under false pretenses comes under the formal definition of fraud, with serious criminal consequences. You are correct to so advise your friend, and safest to distance yourself from  answers.yahoo.com
What elements would make a signature difficult to forge?
Emotion and carelessness. A natural signature is written without much thought. The writer is used to it whereas the forger has to think about each stroke so as not to let the pen go astray. Some people also have distinctly different things they do in  www.quora.com
What are the consequences of forging a signature?
The punishment for forging a signature on a legal document is 2-9  www.chacha.com
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