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What Is The Going Rate For A Cash Wedding Gift?

It depends on how close you are to the bride or groom and what part of the country you live in .you can just give Whatever you can afford and are comfortable with.
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What is the etiquette on asking for cash instead of gifts for a wedding?
Unacceptable. If your cultural heritage [ i.e. Greek, Mexican, Italian , etc ] includes a dance where the gentlemen pin money to the Brides gown , fine , but to simply ask outright for money seems greedy and grasping. Plus it deprives your friends of  wiki.answers.com
What is the going gift rate for a weekend wedding, 3-day wedding?
As far as wedding gifts go, consider your relationship with them, ...  www.chacha.com
What is the appropriate way to ask for "cash" as wedding gifts?
The best thing to do is not to ask- you don't go around telling people what you want them to get you for your birthday without them asking. Yes people will give gifts, and yes they want to get you what you need but they don't want to be told what to  answers.yahoo.com
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