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What is the boxer rebellion?

The boxer rebellion was a violent revolt in China. After being attacked by the Meiji Empire of Japan, China was extremely vulnerable. It became overrun with representatives of foreign governments, who ensured a strong sphere of influence in China for their own benefit. The Chinese were not thrilled by this hence followed the revolt.
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What was the Boxer Rebellion?
In the 1900's there was an uprising in China that has come to be known as the Boxer Rebellion. This rebellion ended up with the death of thousands of foreigners in China. You can find more information here: http://wsu.edu/~dee/CHING/BOXER.HTM...  answers.ask.com
What was the significance of the boxer rebellion?
Before discussing significance, I think it is important that we first discuss what the Boxer Rebellion was. The Boxers were a secret society of young men trained in Chinese martial arts and believed to have spiritual powers. They were anti-foreign as  wiki.answers.com
what was the boxer rebellion?
It was a Chinese uprising in 1900, which was put down through the combined forces of eight foreign countries including Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, and the United States. The Chinese-Japanese War (1894-95) had seriously weakened China, and in 1898  www.answers.com
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