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What is passata?

It is a cooked tomato that is concentrated.
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What does passatas mean?
Passata- tomato purée vary between regions, tomato puree and tomato sauce. In the UK  www.chacha.com
What is passata and what are substitutes?
Passata is tomato puree. Source(s) Cooking for 50 years.  answers.yahoo.com
What's is Passata onion and garlic.
Passata w/ onions & garlic is a product of Sainsbury. It has smooth, thick, sieved tomatoes w/ onion & garlic. An ideal base for sauces, marinades, soups & etc. report this answer. Answered by kgb agent Eric M on Saturday, November 17 2012 at 02:49PM  www.kgbanswers.co.uk

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