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What is kibbutz?

Kibbutzim are co-operative communities now experiencing both practical and ideological problems. So the study looks at what is taking place to find reasons for success and causes of problems. The Kibbutz was founded 40 years before the state of Israel. Today some 270 kibbutzim, with memberships ranging from 40 to more than 1,000, are scattered throughout the country.
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What is a kibbutz?
KIBBUTZ IS Kibbutz is a voluntarily democratic socialist organization set up for equality and unity in perfect socialism. It was first founded in 1909 by a group of young Israelis aim to have their own country. by Boonserm Booncharoenpol  wiki.answers.com
What Are Kibbutz Hotels?
Kibbutzim (plural) are rural communal living settlements originally based around agriculture. According to the KHC website, "Although still committed to farming the land, many kibbutzim have branched out and become involved in numerous industries.  www.ehow.com
What is life like on a kibbutz?
Life on a kibbutz is one of the most different living experiences. Begun in a socialistic communal style community, the founders of the Kibbutz movement knew they needed to be able build the country together with support from each other. Part of the  www.quora.com

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