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What Is Janet Moyles Spiral Of Learning?

Janet Moyle’s introduced learning based on a spiral approach in 1989 which starts with free-play which allows children to explore. E.g. To explore water suing equipments provided. If the child is ready the model processes to structured play where the teacher uses his/her observations of the children’s free play to direct the children’s exploration g. to explore how to change the size of a splash. Free play allows children to discover and record learning easily.
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What is Janet moyles play spiral?
its based on the fact children should be allowed to play freely first then structured then freely. the first free play will allow the child to explore on their own, the structured will teach them more about the play (e.g. learn how to make shapes out  wiki.answers.com
What Is the Learning Spiral?
The Learning Spiral is a curriculum design framework to help you construct lessons, activities, or projects that target the development of students' thinking skills and habits of mind. Up front, the Learning Spiral will help you clearly identify the  learnweb.harvard.edu
What is jane moyles play spiral?
its Janet Moyles d lots of info online  wiki.answers.com
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