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What is emperor claudius famous for?

Claudius was the fourth emperor of Rome, following Augustus, Tiberius and the infamous Caligula. Because he stammered and had a clubfoot, Claudius was lightly regarded until he was made emperor after Caligula's murder in the year 41. (According to legend,
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Why was Claudius a famous roman emperor?
he was famous cause he name sounded like a girl, thats where claudia came from.  wiki.answers.com
Who was emperor of rome before claudius?
Caligula was the emperor of Rome from 37AD- 41AD before Claudius, who ruled  www.chacha.com
Why was claudius a good emperor?
You shoul be watching I, Claudius on Channel 9 Tuesday night at 10 pm. The programme may be based on a novel but it shows why at the time he was probably better than some of the others like Caligula and later Nero. Tin god says he was killed after 2  answers.yahoo.com

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