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What is a ppa teacher?

Planning, preparation and assessment time has, potentially, a massive impact on the twin aims of the national agreement - raising standards and tackling workload.
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I have considered trying to find a job teaching music for ppa cover, which would probably involve working in more than one school to make up my hours to full time, or (more likely) a job as a peripatetic curriculum music teacher in primary schools?
OK, I think you are in the UK ? I'm not sure if my answer will help. I am a 61 year old retired teacher in the USA. but I have had experience at ages 3-18. Not many teachers can teach a wide range of ages, but you may have that gift. I do understand  answers.yahoo.com
A class is taken by a teaching assistant on a regular basis while the teacher is taking PPA time (i.e. taken for the same class on the same day each week) at the selected time. How do we record this?
Record the class as being taken by the teaching assistant with no teacher, unless the teacher is only just popping out for 10 minutes then you would record the normal situation (if the class is covered by a teacher then record the class as being  www.northamptonshire.gov.uk
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