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What is a despatch note?

A dispatch note is a note issued saying that goods have been sent. They also indicate the delivery rate and assurance of the goods´┐Ż condition. It is normally used in businesses.
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I have just checked my emails and got a confirmed dispatch note that said, "congratulations, your brand new mobile phone package will be despatched this evening by royal mail special delivery, who will deliver the next working day # to the following address?
I live in a rural area and Saturday is classed as a working day for post. I have often received small parcels delivered by the post person and also things to be signed for. It may depend on where you live (I live in Scotland) but I would wait in for  answers.yahoo.com
What is Despatch Note?
Despatch note is a document to be presented with a parcel addressed to a foreign country. Despatch Note is available at the post office counter free of charge.  www.pakpost.gov.pk

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