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What is a contraflow system?

A contraflow also known as contraflow lane reversal, are plans that alter the normal flow of traffic, usually in controlled access highways like motorways. This is done by reversal of lanes which are normally configured for travel in one direction. In summary, it is the implementation of a two-way traffic system on one side of a highway/dual carriageway, usually implemented during emergencies or road maintenance.
Popular Questions
What does contraflow system mean (in Uk driving)?
It's where, because of road works, you have to travel in lanes where the traffic normally travels in the other direction. There may be cones marking off the lane, but not very likely. Asker's rating & comment Thank you, the highway code does not  answers.yahoo.com
What is a contraflow?
Strictly defined, this is a term used almost exclusively in the UK and applies only to a specifc type of traffic management device; Contraflow is a temporary traffic arrangement, usually on a motorway, in which traffic travelling in both directions  uk.answers.yahoo.com
What is a contraflow?
Contraflow: an abnormal state of a road where the traffic temporarily travels in the opposite direction to normal, usually as result of repair work or accident.  www.kgbanswers.co.uk
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