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What happened on this day years ago?

To get to know what happened on a given day back in history you can log into the BBC website and check out there "on this day" page. This website also has a function that allows you to select a date, month and the year of the time you want to view.
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What happened in 5 years ago?
in Mongolia there was a Olympics called a naadam. It has horse races and a thing like sumo put not.  wiki.answers.com
What happened on this day 3 years ago?
On April 23, 2006, the first Australian soldier died in Iraq. Thanks and  www.chacha.com
Why are Jews on Passover celebrating  something that happened around 3000 years ago?
Jewish holidays, such as Pesach (called Passover in English) are about a lot more than celebrating something that happened in the past. Whereas they are based on the events of the past as recorded in our tradition (though not externally verified)  www.quora.com
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