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What Does The Stamp 925 On Gold Jewelry Mean?

Gold jewellery stamped 925 indicates fineness of the gold, that is 925 parts of gold per 1000 weight.
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What is the value of gold jewelry stamp 925?
925 signifies that the piece is not gold but in fact sterling silver.  wiki.answers.com
How Is White Gold Jewelry Stamped?
24 karat is pure gold. It is not often used in jewelry because it is too soft and would break or bend during wear. It is marked with "24K. 18 karat is occasionally used in earrings or other pieces of jewelry that are less likely to be banged or  www.ehow.com
What does the numbers 925 mean when stamped on jewelry?
The 925 (sometimes shown as .925) is the decimal mark for  www.chacha.com
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