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What does mizpah mean?

A type of finger ring in the form of a wide gold band engraved or embossed with the letters MIZPAH, meaning 'watchtower' and used as a talisman to protect friends and lovers during separation.
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What is a mizpah?
Mizpah or Miz'peh is a watch-tower or the look-out and is referenced in the Bible. ChaCha!  www.chacha.com
What is Mizpah?
Mizpah (meaning "watchtower") goes back thousands of years, it is mentioned for the first time in the Bible ( Genesis 31, around 1800 BC) when Jacob and Laban agree at Gilead to a godsent peace. They built a memento of stone and named it MIZPAH...  answers.yahoo.com
Why was the mizpah benediction a warning?
This old Mizpah is not about what most of us think it's about. It is not really a pleasant little benediction praying for God's watchful care over us when we part company for a while - even if it involves a fisherman and a fish. No, this little  wiki.answers.com

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