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What does inter alia mean?

According to the Duhaime�s law dictionary, Inter Alia is derived from a Latin word that may be used to mean among other things, for example or including. Legal drafters would use it to precede a list of examples or samples covered by a more general descriptive statement.�
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What Is Inter Alia?
Inter alia comes from Latin. Inter translates to "among" (as in interpersonal, for example) and alia roughly translates to "many things. To help remember the meaning of the phrase inter alia, think of the more familiar word paraphernalia, which means  www.ehow.com
What does inter alia mean?
It is Latin for amongst other things. eg the government, inter alia, is responsible for national defence.  wiki.answers.com
What is Inter Alia?
Inter Alia is an adverb that means among other things.  www.chacha.com

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