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What Do Baby Goldfish Look Like?

Baby Goldfish are not gold or orange colored, when they hatch. Instead they are often tan or olive colored. Sometimes they are dark, but I have not seen really black baby goldfish. Again the color of the baby fish in your pond, might be a clue. When baby Goldfish hatch from eggs, they are shorter than 1/8th of an inch, which is about 3 millimeters. In fact, they have been described as being about 2 millimeters long. More »
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How to Look After Goldfish?
To take care of a goldfish, make sure that you get a large tank for it. Sit the tank near a window to make sure it gets a lot of sunlight. Feed the fish regularly!  answers.ask.com
What do babie goldfish look like?
They look like wierd looking anchovies or guppies. Their color is silver and their size is... uuuuuuh... auctually I can't be certain about their size.  wiki.answers.com
How to Care for a Baby Pond Goldfish.
1. Place spawning mops in the pond. Fish will lay eggs on the mats where they will stick, making it easy to collect them before hatching. 2. Rinse the fish eggs off the mats with water into a bucket. The water temperature needs to be the same as the  www.ehow.com
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