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What did medieval shop signs look like?

A sign outside of shops in the medieval periods had imprints on them that showed people what the person in the shop did for a living. Simple and basic signs had to be used since very few people could read or write. These medieval shops also doubled as a home for the craftsman that worked there, hence the signs were movable.
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What did the clothes of a medieval weaver look like?
they wore nothing nice or anything they just wore a tunic it was like a big T-shirt.  wiki.answers.com
What did a medieval merchants house look like?
usually the shop was on the ground floor and the family lived on the upper floors. servants slept in the shop on the floor or in the kitchen or on the floor next to the family. if a woman had a personal servant, she slept next to her mistress, either  answers.yahoo.com
What did medieval castles look like?
Well it's an interesting question. In the later middle ages, when castle building became much more prolific, they were each designed individually for whoever was building them. No two were entirely alike although they may have had similar features.  au.answers.yahoo.com

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