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What Country Telephone Code Is 0035?

Telephone code 0035 is the dialling code for Ireland More »
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Which country has the code 0035?
Gibraltar.------------------------------------. It isn't only Gibraltar. It depends on the extension after the 0035 (X). 00350 - Gibraltar. 00351 - Portugal. 00352 - Luxembourg. 00353 - Ireland. 00354 - Iceland. 00355 - Albania. 00356 - Malta. 00357  wiki.answers.com
What is the telephone country code for the Falkland Islands?
The Falkland Islands (also known as the Islas Malvinas) are country code +500.  wiki.answers.com
What is the telephone country code for Ascension Island?
Ascension Island, a UK island territory in the Atlantic Ocean, is country code +247. (The. plus sign. means "insert your international access prefix here. From a GSM mobile phone, you can enter the number in full international format, starting with  wiki.answers.com

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