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What country is dialling code 0085?

The countries with area code 0085 are China, Hong Kong and Macau
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which country has 0085 as its dialling code?
We found 00853 is the dialing codes for Macau and 00852 for Hong Kong. 00 is the international prefix used to dial somewhere outside of U.K.  www.kgbanswers.co.uk
What country have 0085 code?
There is no country code +85, although several three-digit country codes begin with 85.  wiki.answers.com
Which Country Is this Dialling Code For?
00353 is the international dialling code for Ireland. The 8 suggests that it is part of what could be a mobile number, as our networks use 085,086 and 087. So when the first 0 is dropped from the mobile number you should be left with 85,86 or 87.  uk.answers.yahoo.com
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