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What countries are affected by malaria?

Malaria affects over 109 countries in the world. African nations are however the most affected, followed by Asian countries then South America.
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What country is most affected by malaria?
That would be Africa! Thanks and have a good one.  www.chacha.com
What people are affected by malaria?
Anyone who is bitten by an infected mosquito can be affected by malaria. Mostly people in warm climates who do not have any form of protection from mosquitoes. Bed-nets can greatly reduce the risk of malaria.  wiki.answers.com
What country is most likely to be affected by Malaria?
Any country in the tropics with high humidity, standing water, and temperatures above 70F 24x7. In parts of Tanzania, malaria is rampant but a few dozen kilometers away it's treated like the common cold is here. We were in Mwanza for 3 month and the  uk.answers.yahoo.com

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