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What colour wire is live and neutral?

The UK wiring or electricity supply has three types of wires which are earth, neutral and live. The live wire is usually brown, the neutral wire is blue and the earth wire is yellow and green striped. In USA, neutral wire is white while live is black.
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What colours is the neutral wire?
in 480 the neutural is grey. in all other it is most often white. In Canada the neutral colour is white in both 3 phase and single phase.  wiki.answers.com
What colours r live neutral and earth wires?
Household plugs: Brown = Live, Blue = Neutral, Green & Yellow = Live. Do not change plug yourself if uncertain of wire placing.  www.kgbanswers.co.uk
What is the colour of a neutral wire?
In the UK.... so forget the answers advising you American colour (sorry, colors...), but also in Europe - we all use the same colours. Brown is Live Blue is Neutral Green / Yellow Stripes is Earth If you are wiring a plug, the simple way to look at  uk.answers.yahoo.com
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