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What colour wire is live and neutral?

The UK wiring or electricity supply has three types of wires which are earth, neutral and live. The live wire is usually brown, the neutral wire is blue and the earth wire is yellow and green striped. In USA, neutral wire is white while live is black.
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What color is the live wire in 230 volt which colour is neutral which colour is ground?
If this is a residential system there are likely two hot wires, black and red. White is neutral and there will be 115 volts between white and either hot. Ground is typically green or a bare wire. < If this question is really asking about a. 50 Hz.  wiki.answers.com
What is neutral wire?
The conductor of a polyphase circuit or a single-phase three wire circuit that is intended to have a ground potential. The potential difference between the neutral and each of the other conductors are approximately equal in magnitude and equally  www.answers.com
What Happens if a Live Wire Comes Loose From an Electrical Outlet?
Connecting an appliance to an outlet completes an electrical circuit. The "hot" and "neutral" wires from the power supply link through the appliance. The circuit is not complete if the "live" wire feeding electricity to the outlet is unattached, and  www.ehow.com
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