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What Attracts The Taurus Man?

Trust and loyalty are priorities for the uncomplicated Taurean male, who will expect to find these qualities in everyone he knows, from the window cleaner to his wife. He needs a wife or partner who can cook well, and keep the house running smoothly. More »
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How to Attract a Taurus Man.
1. Show him that you have stability. A Taurus man craves stability in his life. He will seek this characteristic in any woman he decides to date. 2. Show a little glamor. This is not to say that a Taurus man is superficial. But he is attracted to,  www.ehow.com
What signs are attracted to Taurus?
Capricorns, Virgos, Pisces, and Taurus itself are typically the signs most attracted to Taurus.  wiki.answers.com
What attracts a Taurus man most?
Beautiful people, not necessarily in looks, but in personality. They usually like intelligent people, people who read often or have an above average intelligence. They like interesting people, people who have a story or are mysterious in some way.  answers.yahoo.com
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