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What are the symptoms of sunstroke?

Sunstroke is a reaction from too much exposure to the sun. it results in burnt skin, dizzines, loss of conciousness, hyperventilation, purple skin, incoherent speech, muscle pains, stupor and lethargy.
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What is sunstroke?
sunstroke is when you are in the sun for a long time and you go a bit crazy. simptoms include: light headed. crazyish. seeing things. sometimes mood swings. AND IN OTHER WORDS SUNSTROKE IS DEFINED AS FOLLOWS: SUNSTROKE. is a life threatening  wiki.answers.com
What r d symptoms of sunstroke?
Not medical advice. Symptoms of sunstroke in adults or children: elevated body temp; hot, dry skin; hyperventilation; headache; dizziness; fainting.  www.kgbanswers.co.uk
What is Symptoms?
Symptoms are effects, or things that happen, because of something else. They are signs from your body showing there's something wrong. For example, if you get the flu your symptoms could include: fever, body aches, tiredness and/or nausea.  www.ask.com
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