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What Are The Examples Of Instructional Materials?

These are materials that are used to aid in the transference of information from one to another. For example, a teacher may use instructional materials to aid in the learning of subject matter for a class. These instructional materials could include: Power Point presentations (visual aids), Books , Articles and Materials for project development More »
Popular Questions
What are the importance of instructional materials?
Instructional Materials serve as the channel between the teacher and the students in delivering the instruction. They may also serve as the motivation on the teaching- learning process. Use to get the attention of the students in order for them to  wiki.answers.com
What's the best ebook platform for instructional materials?
I think the iBooks Publisher platform fits your needs nicely. It allows you to embed audio and has a ton of features that make it very interactive. Plus, you are targeting teachers who had a good user share on Apple devices and receive a discount on  www.quora.com
What Are Some Examples of Material Not Protected Under Copyright Law?
Copyright cannot be registered for works that have not been put into a final fixed or permanent form. This includes any sort of work that has not been either recorded or notated. For example, an improvisational speech that has not been recorded or  www.ehow.com
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