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What are the best search engines?

The best search engines on the internet will depend on the kind of information the user is looking for though there are some that are accepted by most users as being helpful such as; Google, Abilock's article, Metacrawler, AltaVista and Profusion.
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What is the Best People Search Engine?
There are many people search engines available. Which one is best depends on what you're looking for. Pipl.com allows you to search usernames and email addresses. Zaba Search allows you to find addresses. For more information look here:  www.ask.com
What is the best search engine in Russia?
Yandex is the best (the most popular, providing the best results, has the most number of features and services)  www.quora.com
What are the best search engines in 2011?
Cheat engine 6.1 works really good on yoville also HxD is really good with changing items!  wiki.answers.com
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