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What are the best search engines?

The best search engines on the internet will depend on the kind of information the user is looking for though there are some that are accepted by most users as being helpful such as; Google, Abilock's article, Metacrawler, AltaVista and Profusion.
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What is best music search engine?
The best music search engine. I recommend mp3find.  wiki.answers.com
What is the best way to verify that an idea is not patented? Is there a good search engine for patents?
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What is the best free/open database to use for query expansion for a general search engine in English?
Look into Wikipedia Miner. It's an open-source Java tool that transforms Wikipedia dumps into a format useful for many tasks, including query expansion. http://wikipedia-miner.so. urcefor. In the Publication section you will find a paper "A  www.quora.com
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