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What are sociological concepts?

Sociological concepts are basic ideas about how to see the world. The basic concepts of sociology are many, some of which overlap – race, class and gender, individual and society, agency and structure, social movements, states, nations, culture, norms, power and knowledge.
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What are the concepts of sociology?
Bracketing,Obvious,Empathy,Ideology Ignorance,Social Act/Relation/Situation are  www.chacha.com
What is Sociology?
The various fields of sociology can be broken down into the parts of society that they study. Some sociologists study the interaction between individuals. These sociologists are often social workers or work in counseling or as an aid to counselors.  www.ehow.com
What are 20 sociological concepts?
1. political institutions. 2. deviant behavior. 3. capitalism. 4. Culture. 5. class system. 6. social norms. 7. values. 8. ethnocentrism. 9. Inequalities of Race and Ethnicity. 10. Inequalities of Gender. 11. Social Class & Stratification. 12.  answers.yahoo.com
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